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Re. Company Introduction:


Dear Sir/Madam,

At Jordanian Coast Cargo services, an experienced member in organizations such as: IAM, lacma, WFN, Asian Relocation Association and EUROMOVERS, we fully understand your concern and anxiety over the efficient handling of your shipments, for this reason we have done the following:

�       Handling of Personal Effects:

When time comes to relocate, we take special care to minimize and eliminate any damage or breakage of your goods. When we prepare your consignments for export, all valuables and breakables are carefully wrapped and padded before packing into our sturdy cardboard boxes, which in turn are banded and crated to further prevent any damage that may occur during handling en route. We treat all our customers and their personal items with the out most care whether they are shipped by Air, Sea or Land.

�       General Cargo:

We have our representatives at all customs points in Jordan handling inbound and outbound shipments. Our experienced staff has been working with the UN. Shipments around the world such as UNDP, UNDESSA, UNFPA, WFP, F.A.O & The German Embassy, Chinese Embassy, and The American Embassy.

�       Services to Iraq:

Import and Export shipments of personal effects and house hold goods for diplomatic staff as UNDP, UNFP, UNDESSA, F.A.O, UNIDO, UNDP/ENRP, HABITAT and UNIFEM. We offer our clearing and packing agents in Baghdad that will make moving you in or out of Iraq a more organized and secured way.

We also offer Airfreight service to Baghdad International airport via Amman, Marka & Aqaba airport with direct flight into Baghdad airport.

�       Complete Air / Sea Consolidation Dept.

Our highly trained staff are working with several agents around the globe consolidating their clients shipments for our mutual benefit. ( Ex. Excel Shipping Ltd); we are also an official KLM cargo agent in Amman Jordan.

Garments Exporting To North America:

Please note that we are specialized in the Garment Industry including exporting to north America from producing plants in Jordan via Aqaba port Jordan and Haifa port Israel. We offer both air & sea services keeping in mind our goal Quality Job One.

Our 24 high trained staff members and complete fleet of trucks and vans, we are able to offer the best rates for all your Door To Door needs including packing, forwarding, custom clearance and transportation to all surrounding countries such as: Iraq, Turki, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt and Lebanon.

If we can be of any further assistance, or if you require any further clarification, please feel free to contact us directly on the following Tel. numbers listed below:


Admin Offices:

Tel # 009626-55-15-75-4 (12 lines) 9 AM - 5 PM LOCAL TIME
A 24 HOUR SERVICE TEL # 00962 79-5568030

FAX # 009626-54-11-43-9 & FAX # 009626-55-15-75-2

EMAIL:  info@jordaniancoastco.com

By recognizing that service is vital to our business, and maintaining your trust is something that can only be achieved the quality of services, we remain.

Sincerely Your ,
Tarik Diab
Managing Director


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